Article Writing is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Writing articles to promote your website shouldn’t be underestimated. The benefits of writing articles for your website is huge. If you write good quality articles with good written English you will soon be reaping the rewards. Article writing is free advertising for you website. Good eh? There aren’t many things in life that are free. What you need to think about when writing articles is what page on your website you want to promote. This article for instance is targeting those people who want to learn about article writings, so at the bottom of this article you will see a small bio with a link to a page about writing articles.

Once I have written this article I will add it to my author accounts on EzineArticles and Article alley. I will also post in to around 300 other article directories using a automatic article submission software. This software saves me a lot of time, meaning while it is automatically posting for me I can be writing my next article. Each day I post around 7 or more articles. In a week or so I will be able to search for my article on Google by writing the article title into the search box. 9 times out of 10 I will be number one for that phrase. I then hope that someone will ready my article and follow the link in the bio to the page I am promoting.

As well as driving traffic to my website I am also helping with the link popularity of the sites. Those 300 article directories are a possible 300 links to the page I am promoting. Great! There is a good chance that other people will reprint my article on their websites which adds even more weight to my link popularity campaign. The only trouble with article directories is that as more people add articles in the same category my article will get moved further down the article directories hierarchy. What this means is that my article may well end up on a page that is not indexed. The more articles you write the more of an expert author you become in your chosen field. Your author account page will slowly start to build a page rank which will mean even more weight to the links in the bio’s.

So to summarise, you need to write good quality articles that people will find interesting and would want to read. You need to make sure you write a bio with a link to the page you are promoting, also stating that the article is free to reprint as long the text isn’t changed and the bio remains in tact. Then you need to post your article in as many article directories as possible. And finally keep doing it. The more often you write fresh interesting articles the more chance you have of your target audience finding them and clicking on to your site.

If you don’t have the time to write you article yourself why not enlist the help of a professional article writing service. Some of the main article directories offer article writing as one of their services.

Carolyn Clayton is the webmaster of Article Alley. Contact them for all your Article Writing Service needs.

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