How Do You Find Quality Private Label Resale Rights?

Private Label Rights content is heaven on the Internet. You should do what you do best and outsource the rest! Using content that is cost-effective and human generated can be a boon to your business. There are very few hours in the day to take care of the tasks at hand. Be sure you have help!

So where do you go to find that help?

The first thing to do is ask your peers. Most Internet Marketers have some idea of which sites provide quality content and which ones send out sub-par information each month.

You can surf through some of the Internet Marketing forums and pick up tips from marketers who may have been using memberships for their sites.

You can use organic search engine results to figure out which sites have a handle on SEO for keywords and which don’t. If they don’t rank in the top 20 for their own keywords they won’t be teaching you to do it either.

You should also do your due diligence when it comes to choosing which site offers the right content for your needs. Make a list of the sites you find, the ones your peers from your niche recommend and the ones you find from Internet Marketing forums.

Now prepare a spreadsheet with the following items across the top: website name, URL, owner, cost, type of content, number of memberships being sold, number of articles, cost per article, graphics provided, money back guarantee, Terms of Service (TOS), other bonuses, comments.

Go through the sales pages of the sites that you’ve listed. Be sure to read each one thoroughly. Fill in the columns so that you can compare sites when you’ve completed your research. This may seem tedious but it’s your hard earned money and you want the best bang for your buck.

Most of the columns are self-explanatory. Type of content: some sites are niche driven others are generic; you’ll want sites that offer content to meet your needs. TOS: is the Terms Of Service available to read before you buy? Does the membership site allow you to use the content to meet your needs? Other bonuses: list the other content that’s provided since you may find that one site will meet your needs over the rest because of specific bonuses they offer.

Now you know where and how to find PLR articles for your website that will help to improve your standing with organic search engine traffic!

Gail Trahd writes on the Net, providing excellent content for websites and businesses. Gail also teaches how Private Label Resale Rights can benefit any business owner. Find out how at []

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